Feel like you’re juggling multiple roles, running your business while keeping up with accounting tasks? Let PATS’s certified bookkeepers alleviate your burden. Our experienced bookkeeping professionals will handle the most daunting tasks, ensuring accurate cash flow management and timely compliance fulfillment. With a dedicated accounting expert overseeing your records and regularly reconciling accounts, you can rest assured, free from errors or missed opportunities.

But our service extends beyond mere essentials. We go the extra mile, assisting you in data analysis, trend identification, and informed decision-making for your business’s future. Our aim is to provide clarity on your financial standing, ensuring you’re always ready to cover expenses and seize growth opportunities.

Expert Bookkeeping Services Tailored for You

For over 17 years, PATS has been supporting Australian business owners, offering a unique blend of reliability akin to a major national enterprise and the personalized touch of a local small business. This rare combination is particularly well-suited for small and medium-sized enterprises. With our presence in over 3 offices across the country, you can rely on us to manage your finances with precision and attentiveness, allowing you the freedom to focus on growing your business and pursuing your passions. Experience peace of mind with PATS – your trusted local bookkeeping experts.

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“Maximize deductions, minimize liabilities with our expert tax services. Trust us for accurate, timely filing.”


“Keep your financial records organized and accurate with our professional bookkeeping services. Trust us for reliable financial management.”


“Ensure timely and accurate payroll processing with our comprehensive payroll services. Trust us to handle your payroll needs efficiently.”