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  • You can claim a deduction for the cost of travel while
    performing your duties. This includes travel between
    different work locations, including for different employers.
    Normal trips between home and work are private in nature
    and can’t be claimed. This applies even if you:
    • live a long way from your usual workplace, or
    • have to work outside normal business hours (eg
    weekend shifts).
    In limited circumstances you can claim the cost of trips
    between home and work, where:
    • you had shifting places of employment (that is, you
    regularly worked at more than one site each day before
    returning home
    • you were required to carry bulky tools or equipment for
    work and all of the following conditions were met
    • The tools or equipment were essential for you to
    perform your employment duties and you didn’t
    carry them merely as a matter of choice. The tools or
    equipment were bulky – meaning that because of their
    size and weight they were awkward to transport and
    could only be transported conveniently by the use of a
    motor vehicle.
    • There was no secure storage for the items at the
    If you claim car expenses, you must:
    • keep a logbook of your work trips, or
    • Be able to show us your claim is reasonable if you use
    the cents per kilometre method (for claims up to 5,000
    km only).

    Your vehicle is not considered to be a car if it is a vehicle with
    a carrying capacity of:
    • one tonne or more, such as a ute or panel vaN
    • nine passengers or more, such as a minivan.
    In these circumstances (eg if you use a ute) you can claim
    the proportion of your vehicle expenses that relate to work
    – such as fuel, oil, insurance, repairs and servicing, car loan
    interest, registration and depreciation. Keep receipts for your
    actual expenses. You cannot use the cents per kilometre
    method for these vehicles. While it is not a requirement to
    keep a logbook, it is the easiest way to show how you have
    calculated your work-related use of the vehicle.


You can only claim the work‑related part of expenses. You can’t claim
a deduction for any part of the expense that relates to personal use.

  • You must have a record to prove it

  • You must have spent the money yourself and weren’t reimbursed

  • It must be directly related to earning your income


  • You can claim
    • the cost of buying, mending and cleaning uniforms that
    are unique and distinctive to your job (eg a uniform your
    employer requires you to wear)
    • protective clothing your employer requires you to wear
    (eg hi-vis vests, steel-capped boots and safety glasses).

  • You can’t claim a deduction if your study or seminar is
    only related in a general way or is designed to help you get
    a new job (eg you can’t claim the cost of study to enable
    you to move from being a teacher’s aid to being a teacher).


  • You can claim a deduction for the cost of buying, hiring,
    mending or cleaning certain uniforms that are unique to
    your job.

  • You generally can’t claim a deduction for plain clothing
    worn at work, even if your employer tells you to wear it or
    you only wear it for work (eg jeans or a plain shirt).


  • If you are required to travel away from home overnight
    for work, you can claim a deduction for accommodation
    and meal expenses. Receiving an allowance from
    your employer does not automatically entitle you to a
    deduction. You need to be able to show you were away
    overnight for work and you spent the money.


  • As long as the expense relates to your employment, you can claim a deduction for the workrelated
    portion of the cost of:
    • overtime meal expenses when you are paid an overtime meal allowance under an
    industrial law, award or agreement and you purchase and consume a meal during
    your overtime, protective equipment such as sunglasses and ear plugs, union fees.

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