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  • You can claim the cost of using a car you own when you
    • between separate jobs on the same day – for example,
    from your rehearsal for a musical production directly to
    your second job as a dance teacher
    • to and from an alternate workplace for the same
    employer on the same day – for example, travelling from
    a costume fitting directly to the commercial shoot.
    In limited circumstances you can claim the cost of trips
    between home and work, where you carry bulky tools or
    equipment for work. You can claim a deduction for the cost
    of these trips if:
    • the tools or equipment are essential to perform your
    employment duties the tools or equipment are bulky
    and you don’t carry them merely as a matter of choice
    • there is no secure storage for the items at the

  • You generally can’t claim the cost of trips between home
    and work, including public transport, even if you live a long
    way from your usual workplace.


  • You can claim travel expenses if you’re required to
    travel away from your home overnight in the course of
    performing your employment duties. Travel expenses can
    include expenses for meals, accommodation, fares and
    incidental expenses you incur.

  • You can’t claim travel to an audition or interview to apply
    for a new role.

  • You can’t claim a deduction if the travel is paid for, or you
    are reimbursed by your employer or another person.

Receiving an allowance from your employer doesn’t
atomatically mean you can claim a deduction. You need to be
able to show you were away overnight, you spent the money
yourself, and the travel was directly related to earning your
employment income.


You can only claim the work‑related part of expenses. You can’t claim
a deduction for any part of the expense that relates to personal use.

  • You must have a record to prove it

  • You must have spent the money yourself and weren’t reimbursed

  • It must be directly related to earning your income


  • You can claim the cost of buying, cleaning, hiring and
    repairing uniforms or costumes that are unique and
    distinctive to your role. For example, a burlesque dancer
    can claim stage make-up, costumes and dance shoes that
    are distinctive to the role.

  • You can claim the cost of:
    • a particular hairstyle if it’s required for a role
    • hairdressing to maintain a required hair length or style
    as part of a costume for continuity purposes
    • stage makeup, including the cost of cleansing materials
    for removing stage makeup.

  • You can’t claim a deduction if your employer pays for or
    reimburses you for these expense.

  • You can’t claim the cost of buying or cleaning
    conventional clothing worn at work, even if you only wear
    it to work and your employer tells you to wear it – for
    example, a plain shirt you wear on the way to work before
    your shift starts.


  • You can claim the work-related portion of other
    expenses if they relate to your employment, including:
    • union and professional association fees
    • phone and internet costs, apportioned for private and
    work use, with records showing a detailed usage pattern
    • seminars, training and conferences
    • technical or professional publications.

  • You generally can’t claim a deduction if the cost:
    • was met or reimbursed by your
    employer. You also can’t claim private
    expenses, such as iPods, music
    subscriptions, childcare
    fees or clothes for your

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