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Consultation – Office Hours
(30 Mins)

This 30-minute consultation is available during our regular business hours. It’s a great opportunity to get a quick overview of your needs and explore potential solutions for common tax or financial concerns.

Individual / Sole Trader
(30 Mins)

This is a 30-minute consultation designed for individuals or sole traders seeking our services. We’ll discuss your situation, including tax filing requirements, maximizing deductions, lodge your tax return and explore how we can best assist you in achieving your financial goals.

Companies / Trust / Partnership /
SMSF (1 Hour)

This meeting is ideal for businesses, trusts, partnerships, or SMSF (Self-Managed Super Fund) owners seeking our services.

We’ll dedicate a full hour to discuss your specific needs, such as tax planning strategies, maximizing deductions, lodge your tax return, or structuring your business entity. We can also answer any questions you may have.

Consultation – Outside Office Hours
(30 Mins)

This 30-minute consultation is available outside of our regular business hours for added flexibility. Please note there may be limited availability for these slots. This consultation is suitable for brief discussions or follow-up questions on existing matters.